Angarak or Ingredient Yog occurs when a connection between Rahu and Ketu of Mars occurs in a person’s horoscope chart. The ominous position of Rahu and Ketu signifies Angarak Yog and such people are always aggressive and short tempered. Angarak is produced but to an undesirable combination of Rahu and Ketu of Planet Mars and thus makes a person attain a violent and negative personality.

The troubles associated with Angarak Yog can be alleviated with the following remedies:    

  • Performing Angarak Yog Shanti Puja is the ideal means to cater to the harmful effects of this yog and bring eternal calm in the lives of affected persons.  
  • Worshiping Hanuman Ji every day is an effective way to gain a relief from Angarak Yog. 
  • Offering food and vegetables to cows and grains to birds will please the deities associated with Mangal and thus offer a perfect resolution from the troubles of Angarak Yog.
  • By regular meditation and avoidance of controversies will gradually lead to control over one’s anger and aggression thus bringing positive influences in life.
  • Fasting on Tuesdays with utmost devotion will lead to better times and a complete alienation from the harms of Angarak Yog.
  • To achieve peace for Rahu and Mangal (Mars), specific donations and prayers must be observed in order to be safeguarded from the harms of this Yog.
  • Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi in the Moon’s Rohini Nakshatra is a popular remedy associated with Angarak Yog and grants the affected persons an ability to be safe from any troubles in life.

Due to the presence of Angarak Yog, the nature of the affected person becomes aggressive, violent and negative, and such an individual remains unaffected towards his brothers, friends and other relatives. Ankangar Yoga also disrupts financial balance and brings poverty. The natives with Angarak Yog suffer from regular health issues and ailments and are extremely prone and vulnerable to vashikaran or black magic from enemies.

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