The Bhairav Deep Puja is performed with an intention to please Lord Bhairavnath. As Lord Bhairavnaath is closely associated with Lord Shiva, people hold great reverence for him and wish to obtain his divine blessings to achieve peace and prosperity in life.

By offering the Bhairav Deep Paath and Puja one can fulfill all wishes and gain a perfect remedy to attain the best desires and wishes. It is termed as very important that in order to achieve the divine blessings of Lord Shiva, one must first gain blessings from Lord Bhairavnath.

A person who practices Bhairav Deep Path ​​gets rid of worldly suffering and achieves desired prospects. Being a form of Lord Shiva, the pujas related to Lord Bhairavnath are significant and have a vast impact on humanity.  

Benefits of Bhairav Deep Puja:  

  • Performing the Bahirav Deep Puja grants a person immense power and strength.   
  • This Puja and Paths are necessary to prevent any evil tantric practices of enemies intended for you.
  • You can get rid of all the wicked forces and negativities that surround you as you will be safeguarded from the same.
  • Any obstacle that stands in the way of your success and progress can be vanished by performing the Bhairav Deep Puja.
  • Even the most harmful of issues can be alleviated and resolved by gaining the divine benefits from Lord Bhairavnath Puja.  

Bhairav Deep and Path INR 1100/- for Bahairav Ji Path  

One day exclusive Puja at INR 21,000/-

Deep Dhan INR 5100/-

USD 159.10

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