Buddh Shanti Puja

Planet Mercury or Buddh Graha is associated with knowledge, wisdom, education and career success. This planet has a huge impact on one’s mental ability and with a favorable position of the same in one’s horoscope, we will be guaranteed of an ultimate peace of mind and success in all life aspects. 

Mercury might be the smallest plant in the entire solar system but its closed position to Sun makes it grab the most energy. In order to reap all the delightful benefits of an optimum Mercury in the natal chart, it is a must to conduct the Buddh Graha Shanti Puja and eliminate the 17 years Dasha that could occur with its faulty placement.

The Ratan or Gemstone advised for Buddh Graha Shanti – PANNA / EMERALD  

Benefits of Buddh Graha Shanti Puja:     

Mercury Peace Ritual is the only solution to eradicate the evil effects of Buddh Graha or Mercury.  A special attention is given to the auspicious matters of Mercury, direction, and position so that the negative effects of contaminated Mercury can be reduced eventually. Astropatrika lets you book the Buddh Graha Shanti Puja online at a mere INR 4000/-       

  • With Buddh Graha Puja, one can achieve ultimate confidence and willpower to tackle all the troubles and challenges.  
  • All health-related issues and problems can be alleviated with the Puja.
  • A favorable Mercury enhances one’s intellectual abilities and decision-making powers.
  • For achieving wealth and wisdom, it becomes a must for one to better the placement of Mercury in the birth chart with the recitation of necessary mantras and Jhaps.

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