Chandra Shanti Puja

Chandra or Moon is a significant celestial body with a vast influence on a person’s brain, mind, emotions and feelings. A full moon or waxing moon in a natal chart is considered to be beneficial but a dark or waning moon is malefic in nature. The curses remain for 10 years if not tended to and cause utter despair of all life aspects.         

A person with optimum position and condition of the moon in a birth chart is set to experience the sweetest of delights and can be safeguarded from all the troubles and misfit influences in life. Due to involvement of Karmas, anomalies arise in the Zodiac positioning of the moon and lead to troubles in life aspects. Such situations are highly unfortunate and invite negative energies to deprive a person of any joy or happiness in life.  

The recommended gemstone for Chandra Graha Shanti Ouja – MOTI / PEARL 

Benefits of Chandra Graha Shanti Puja:

For an invitation of eternal peace and joy in life, performing the Chandra Graha Shanti Puja is a must. It is a delightful means to bring positivity in life and alleviate the malefic nature of Moon in one’s birth chart.

The Pooja will cost you just INR 16000/- and involves enchanting of Chandra Bijh Mantra to serve the following cherish-able benefits –     

  • The prime benefit of the Puja is that it grants a healthy body and peaceful mind
  • It harmonizes life aspects and brings ultimate calmness of thought
  • It is an undeniable means to achieve all your desired goals and dreams
  • In porder to boost one’s confidence and will power, performing the Chandra Shanti Puja helps
  • It is an ideal remedy to cure all the ailments and health related issues
  • This Puja improves vitality and the malefic influences of Moon, the prime celestial body

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