The presence of Moon or Chandra with Rahu or Ketu is an inauspicious astrological event and those people with a horoscope indicating the same unfortunate astrological event are termed to be the victims of Chandragrahan Yog or Eclipse Yog.

  • When the Planet Moon and Ketu are placed together in the same house or they are co-related to each other, then it is known as Purna Chandra Grahan Dosh
  • When the Planet Moon and Rahu occur in the same house or are in tandem to each other, then it is known as Partial Chandra Grahan Dosh

These are immensely troublesome and serious faults in one’s horoscope and thus must be rectified at the earliest by performing “Chandra Grahan Yog Nivaran Puja” performed. 

The malefic influences of Grahan Yog –  

A myriad issues and life troubles arise due to Graham Yog and lead to disruption of joys and peace in all life aspects. One must try to fulfill the requisite remedies and conduct the same in order to succeed in the efforts to counter Chandragrahan Yog.

These troubles caused by this yog have been stated as follows:       

  • Sometimes Chandragrahan Yog leads to troubles arising in conceiving children. These childless issues hamper peace and prosperity at home and are a cause of great depression for the married couple.
  •  acute frustration and depression can occur due to the personal problems being caused by the negative influences of Chandra Grahan Yog.
  • Home peace is lost and businesses face failures as a result of eclipse yog. It leads to loss of financial instability and destruction of family relationships.
  • Myriad career problems arise from this yog. It leads to academic failure, unemployment and deprives a person from job promotions.     
  • A chronic ailment or disease engulfs the person affected by Chandragrahan Doosh and leads to fatal results on the prospects.

The best remedies for Chandra Grahan Yog:

The “Chandra Grahan Yog Nivaran Puja” is a golden opportunity to be able to eradicate all the troubles that one faces with this yog. The various remedies prescribed for the yog include fasting on Ekadashi and Sundays. The affected person must also regularly read the “Adityahridaya Stotra”. Regularly offering coconuts on temples also pacifies the ill effects and brings an ultimate resolution from the troubles.

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