Daridra Yog

Daridra Yog is an astrological and horoscope fault that deprives a person of wealth and financial stability in life. It renders one poor and in grave need of money. Daridra Yog is a very unfavorable astrological and planetary combination that brings extreme poverty and poorness.

What leads to Daridra Yog?         

  • The Daridra Yog which indicates poverty astrologically involves an affliction to the 2nd house or bhava and to Jupiter and the lord of the 11th house. This yoga is also caused when the Moon is in the 2nd or in the 12th house and no planet occupies the houses on either side the Moon.
  • When Jupiter occupies the 6th or the 8th house from the Moon, lack of wealth and many difficulties in making a living or gaining prosperity is inevitable. The malefic effects of Daridra yogas are witnesses during the adverse dashas or planetary periods of the afflicted lords of wealth and gains and certain Daridra yogas operate from birth till death to harm the person for the entire life span.
  • If the Moon occupies either the 6th or the 8th house from the lagna and Saturn occupies the 7th house then all the possessions and finances that a person has accumulated over the years is lost.     

Remedies to eliminate the threat of Daridra Yog –

  • Keeping a fast on the full moon for consecutive four years is known to relieve the troubles of this Yog and better the money prospects.
  • Reciting Mahamitrunjaya Mantra for 108 times daily will alleviate the malefic influences of Daridra Yog and gradually make one earn and save for a wealthy future.
  • As Daridra Yog leads to money problems, it can badly harm employment and career prospects and lead to drastic business failures until one goes bankrupt. Offering cow’s milk to Shivling on Mondays caters to this trouble.   
  • Worshiping of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati vastly helps to better one’s financial gains and offers delightful job and earning opportunities.

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