Diwali or Deepawali as it is popularly known is the most auspicious festival for Hindus. It is an immensely prosperous day of the year and marks to be the “Festival of Lights”. Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi are worshipped on this day and one desires to obtain their divine blessings in order to pave a way for eternal peace and prosperity in life.

In order to obtain the positive influences of divine intervention in life, the Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh are worshipped on the day by conducting “Laxmi Ganesh Puja”.

As the festival of Diwali marks to be a celebration of victory of evil over good and knowledge over ignorance, we all wish that the auspicious events that unfold on the day bless our lives with endless happiness and protection from evil.    

Benefits of conducting Laxmi Ganesh Puja:      

  • This Puja grants one an ability to gain unhindered growth and peace in all life aspects        


  • Career success is assured from the puja blessings and one can achieve the same by tackling the harshest challenges         


  • The Laxmi Ganesh Puja offers prosperity in relationships and safeguards marriages by reinforcing the bonds of togetherness      


  • It is an undeniable opportunity to achieve financial prosperity and business growth
  • As health is the most significant aspect of life, the Laxmi Ganesh Puja is a perfect remedy to alleviate all the negative health elements to bring ultimate joy in life


  • By conducting the Laxmi Ganesh Puja, you can be assured of removal of all bad luck and the negative influences of wicked intentions of enemies

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