Guru Shanti Puja

Guru or planet Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and signifies health, wealth, wisdom, education, fame, moral values and spirituality. With such a significant role in the birth chart of a person, it must be ensured that its presence is a source of eternal delights in life and avoids all the malefic influences. The faulted placement and occurrence of planet Jupiter is an unfortunate situation as its ill effects remain for 16 years.

Jupiter or Guru pooja is performed in order to rectify the malefic Jupiter or Guru in a horoscope to remove negativity and avail benefits from already benefic Jupiter in horoscope for ultimate peace and positivity. The best remedy for a defected Jupiter is the Guru Sahnti Puja that is offered at a mere INR 19,000/- by the expert pandits at Astropatrika.

PUKHRAJ / TOPAZ gemstone or Ratna is suitable to eliminate the harms from faulted Jupiter

Benefits of Guru Shanti Puja:

The planet Guru is known to be guidance for humanity and the enlightenment to make one achieve desired prospects. It is one of the most powerful planets in the astrology sciences and brings vast blessings of health and peace to humanity.

The Guru Shanti Puja offers the following benefits –

  • This puja helps in minimizing the doshic imbalances occurring from the defect and grant immense stability of all astrological elements.
  • To attain financial stability and for making the right decisions, the guidance from Planet Guru is a must. In order to gain the same, one must conduct Guru Shanti Puja.
  • Guru Graha Shanti Puja is a suitable remedy for reducing the evil effects of Jupiter in the most efficient manner. Moreover, it offers methods for increasing positive energies to experience major changes in life.

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