Kemdrum Yog is one of the most powerful of all Yogs present in the Kundli of any person. It occurs when the adjacent houses both in the front and at the back of the moon are vacant. Also, the presence of moon in the 2nd or 12th houses of a natal chart gives rise to Kemdrum Yog. A lonely moon in the zodiac horoscope signifies this Yog and influences the native’s life with its specific effects.

The ill influences of Kemdrum Yog:

While Kemdrum Yog comes with both positive and negative influences, it is the harmful aspects of this Yog that are a major concern for people and cause the following troubles in life –

  • Kemdrum Yog brings mental pain and stress to inflict major disruptions in life and cause depression to the natives.
  • Poverty, poorness and financial instability are common with the people influenced by Kemdrum Yog.
  • People facing this Yog have to face a lot of ups and downs in all stages and aspects of life.
  • Failure to gain love and affection from parents, especially one’s mother is a hurtful trouble caused by this Yog.

Effective solutions to relieve Kemdrum Yog defects:      

Remedies are offered by the expert and world renowned astrologers at Astropatrika to relieve a person from the malefic influences of Kemdrum Yog.  These also help derive and gain the best blissful prospects as a result of the positivity attached to this Yog. They are stated as follows –  

  • Showing untarnished love and affection to one’s mother is known to alleviate the harmful effects of Kemdrum Yog and bring ultimate delights in life.        
  • Fasting on the day of Purnima for four consecutive years has been termed to an effective solution for the astrological trouble. One must begin the fast from a Purnima which occurs on a Monday or from the day of Chitra Nakshatra when it is on Monday.   
  • Regularly listening to "Shram Shrini Shrun Sans Chandramsee Namah" on evenings vastly improves one’s prospects and vanishes the problems from  Kemdrum Yog.   
  • Pouring cow’s milk on the Shivlinga and worshiping Lord Shiva especially on Mondays must be regularly practiced.
  • One must worship Lord Ganesha and Mahalakshmi on Fridays for a perfect diagnosis and cure of this Yoga.
  • Chanting Mahamrityunjaya Jaap mantra 108 times on the birthday helps reduce the evil effects of this Yog.    
  • The Kemdrum Yog Shanti Puja being offered is an effective means to gain control over one’s horoscope influences and assure ultimate protection from all sorts of troubles and disruptions in all aspects of life.

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