Ketu Shanti Puja

Ketu is the other half shadow of Rahu planet and together they form the dark influences in the world of Vedic astrology. This planet is a representation of the Karmic accumulations of a person and has an intense influence on the personality and character of a being.  

The malefic placement of Ketu in one’s birth chart is a source of countless troubles in life. The astrological significance of Ketu is that it represents the karmic and spiritual influences in the birth chart. 

A troubled state of planet Ketu leads to a multitude of troubles in life and brings evil influences that hamper the prospects of joy and happiness. The malefic presence of Ketu in a birth chart can be resolved with the Ketu Graha Shanti Puja being offered at INR 4,000/- The planet Ketu rules numerous body aspects and brings positivity energy to the core. For 7 years the ill effects engulf a person and deprive every positivity of life. Thus it becomes a must to have a favorable position of the same in one’s birth chart to be able to prevent ailments and health defects.   

The Ratan or Gemstone advised for Ketu Graha Shanti – LEHSUNYA / CAT’S EYE     

Benefits of Ketu Graha Shanti Puja:

Astropatrika organizes an immensely fruitful and spiritual Ketu Graha Shanti Puja that harmonizes one’s birth chart with the ideal position and involvement of Ketu Graha in order to source eternal blessings and peace in life.

Following benefits can be obtained by the Puja rituals being offered –

  • The Ketu Shanti Mantra is performed to please the Graha and helps one get rid of all the problems occurring due to this defect.
  • To eliminate the troubles in life that arise due to Ketu Graha anomalies, this Puja must be performed.
  • It is the sole objective of the pandits and astrologers to stabilize the Ketu influences in the affected person’s Kundli and achieve the divine blessings of the planet.

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