The presence of Mars in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house of the birth or natal chart depicts the presence of Kuj Dosh. It is synonymous with Manglik Dosh and the effects of both these astrological anomalies are similar. The marital life of the affected individuals is vastly harmed and they attain no peace at all form the relationship.  

The role of astrology in promoting prosperous marriages is immense. It is an ancient science that guides and blesses humanity with delightful solutions to be able to achieve every bit of joy and delight from the bond of togetherness. A proper analysis of the birth carts of brides and groom is thus suggested to prevent any later troubles in marriage and with accurate marriage compatibility, one can determine and gain an insight of the times ahead in order to be safeguarded from Kuj Yog or Mangal Dosh.

How to alleviate the ill influences of Kuj Dosh?  

  • The most effective remedy for Kuj Yog or Manglik Dosh is to marry the person with the same astrological defect in order to counter the evil influences of this fault.    
  • Visiting the temple of Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays is known to please the divine forces and bring eternal delights in a relationship.
  • Chanting Mahamrutjaya Mantra destroys all evil influences that engulf a person. Regular recitation of the same eventually relieves the Manglik people of the troubles in life.
  • To get rid of Mangal Dosh, one should regularly water Peepal and Vata Vriksha.
  • Kumbh Vivah before the actual marriage relieves the Manglik women of the negative effects of this Yog and serves a delightful opportunity to embark on a journey of eternal peace and calm.
  • The Kuj Yog Puja performed by the pundits from Astropatrika is a viable remedy to relieve the harmful influences of this Yog.

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