Mangal Dosh

Mangal Dosh is one of the evilest flaws present in the birth chart of a person. It occurs when planet Mars takes the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of a person’s birth chart. Planet Mars is one of the most significant astrological entities and any slight anomaly in the same can lead to major disruptions in life, especially marriage aspects.

People having Mangal Dosh are termed as Manglik and have to face major delays in getting married. If married, there arise endless troubles and problems in marriage and sometimes leads to the fatality of one of the partners.

The astrologers on Astropatrika offer the best Mangal Dosh remedies and solutions that seamlessly alleviate the malefic influences of Mangal or Mars in one’s life and serve the following benefits:

  • The remedies grant Manglik people to effectively get hitched without trouble and lad a peaceful life of ultimate bliss and prosperity.
  • It alleviates the malefic influences of defected Mars and safeguards the relationship from all sorts of troubles.
  • Mangal Dosha remedies can lead to the best prospects of marriage future and make one stay delighted with the bond of togetherness.

The best remedies for Mangal Dosh include –  

  • Kumbh Vivah for a girl
  • Kheti Puja for man
  • Mangal Japa for removing Manglik dosha at INR 10,000/-  

For a blissful marriage and to eradicate all sorts of evil elements from the relationships, we offer remedies at the cost of INR 5100/-   

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