Privacy Policy

The privacy policy statement for legally binds the users and the owner of the website under terms and conditions in the form of a contract furnished in an electronic form without the need of a physical or digital signature.

The use of website or any acceptance of permissions will initiate the contract conditions and make the statements applicable for both parties. The use of website or its services indicates that the visitor agrees to the terms of use and that all the conditions of this privacy policy apply on the same.  

If the visitors wish not to accept the terms of privacy policy, then they are requested to exit the website and not avail any of the services / products listed.   

The website requires you to provide all the requisite information and personal data for availing the services being offered and by using the website, users consent to the storage, processing and transfer of this information. The website assures that any information will not be intended to cause loss or wrongful gains for anyone.        

COLLECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION relies on the personal information of users for letting them avail its services. The same will be fulfilled via a “Registration Process” which requires the following data:

  • Name of the visitor
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail and contact number information
  • Gender
  • Address details including PIN code
  • Banking details (Credit card / Debit card information)
  • Personal information like occupation, general interests, etc.      

The intent of information gathering is to serve better user-experience and offer the most precise birth chart analysis or astrology reports and guidance. has the right to retain the information and store it for improving the website or user-experience and can share the same under legal obligations or demands with authorities without the consent of the users.      

The website guarantees absolute privacy and respects the information shared by the visitors. No information or data gathered from the visitor will be revealed to third parties or non-obligatory authority requisites at any cost. All the information sourced from the user is intended to promote better communication between the website and user and has an intention to better the service effectiveness and efficiency.    

The website takes appropriate measures to protect unauthorized access or alteration, disclosure of data. All information gathered on is securely stored within its controlled database.

The website may modify or alter a part or whole privacy policy without any due notice or user consent. However the privacy of personal information will be consistent and duly monitored.

All the terms and conditions of the privacy policy are applicable within the bounds of this website and doesn’t hold any liability for misuse of any information by other websites whose links may be provided on this site.