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All the terms and conditions for the website Astropatrika.com are a usage guideline between the visitor and the website owner. The same apply to each time a user visits the website. There is no dedicated terms and conditions acceptance criteria or formality as visiting Astropatrika.com initiates the liability of a user to be bound by the same. There are no geographical limitations for the terms of use as they apply for all website visitors irrespective of their location.


Any text or graphic information present on the website Astropatrika.com has a singular aim to serve visitors up-to-date knowledge of the astrology sciences and convey them the target benefits of the services being rendered. Astrology services and horoscope predictions rely in the accuracy of the information served by the users and apply differently for varying users.      

Astropatrika.com offers visitors guidance on all life related matters and refrains from forceful application of any remedies. Utilization of any astrological remedy is the sole responsibility of the visitor and the website is not liable for any lifestyle influences induced by the same.



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