Rudrabhishek is the Puja performed to please the prime diety of Hinduism and is the universal representation of force and power. Lord Shiva is considered to be the supreme being and is referred to as the destroyer of evil. Lord Shiva can be best worshipped and pleased by performing online Rudrabhishek puja.    

This puja is known to bless humanity with ultimate peace and prosperity with an assurance of sin cleansing of the body and soul. The literal meaning of “Rudrabhishek” is ritual bath and is the ceremony where Shivalinga is bathed with pure water, milk and other scents. This is the best way to please the Lord Shiva and invite endless blessings in life.

For Sahastra Gath you offer 1000 Kalash to Lord Shiva.

The puja takes place in 4-5 hours and and is performed by 5 pandits.

The cost of Samighiri is INR 6000/-

Pooja cost is INR 5000/-

Thus the total charge for online RudrabhisheK Puja and Sahastra Ghat is INR 11,000/-  

The Maharudrabhishek Puja online serves ultimate protection from evil and offers the following benefits:

  • By expressing devotion to Lord Shiva, a person can be assured of lifetime safety from evil eyes and wicked intentions of enemies. His blessings end all disruptions in joy and make it a delight to spend times with loved ones.  
  • You can book Rudrabhishek Puja online from Astropatrika and wash away all the negativity from your mind, body and soul.
  • To prevent the harms in life aspects and in order to ensure best benefits of health, family bonding, marriage success, career flourishing and love relationships, the Maharudrabhishek Puja service is a delightful means and helps a person achieve all the wishes and goals.

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