A Puja dedicated to be the opportunity for being a means to pray for the peace of souls of those departed is an immense blessing of astrology sciences and Astropatrika offers you an undeniable opportunity to gain divine blessings and please the ancestors by praying for them. The Shraddha Paksha Puja is an ideal means to please the Gods and Goddesses to be able to influence them for blessing the ancestors and gain eternal peace for their souls.  

Pitra Dosh is an astrology defect that rises due to the karmas of ancestors and can influence them for generations. In order to be able to achieve a complete alienation for the negative influences, the Pitra Shanti Puja is a powerful remedy to pacify the evil influences of horoscope defects.  

As a person’s soul is imperishable, its malefic influences can be transferred to generations and thus hamper the flow of peace for them. Astropatrika offers Shraddha Paksha Puja that destroys all the evil and harmful forces arising from the horoscope defects of ancestors or natives.  

Being an extremely malefic astrological trouble, Pitra Dosh occurs when Sun, Moon, Saturn and Rahu are present in the same house of a birth chart. Such an astrological defect gives rise to personal issues, family problems and social troubles.     

The Astropatrika Pitra Shanti Puja makes the doshic ill-effects vanish from the life of sufferers. With the Puja, the malefic influences of Pitra Dosh can be successfully eliminated from life. 

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