Shukra Shanti Puja

Shukra or Venus is the most benefic planet in the entire solar system. Venus is the brightest entity in the night sky after the Chandra and brings eternal peace and calm in life. The planet is affiliated with beauty, romance, love, luxury, and passion. It is a great desire for most people to have a favorable placement of Venus in the natal chart to be able to bring endless prosperity in life while alleviating the malefic influences of same.

A strong Shukra in the person’s horoscope brings immense attraction, fame, wealth and love in life. It makes one popular among those of opposite gender thus bettering the prospects of love relationships and marriage.    

Shukra Shanti Puja is performed in order to rectify the malefic influences of planet Venus and grants one the ability to fulfill all desires in life. As the planet Venus brings all sorts of comfort in life, one must assure that the Shukra Graha Shanti Puja being performed is ideal and accurate to deal with the situations that arise due to faults in the graha’s placement.

The Ratan or Gemstone advised for Shukra Graha Shanti – HEERA / DIAMOND   

Benefits of Shukra Graha Shanti Puja:

As the Dasha period for Shukra planet is 20 years, we need an immediate resolution of even the slightest of imperfections that occur with it. At a mere INR 16,000/- you can book Shukra Shanti Puja online and have the pundits and Samighiri ready to conduct the same.

Following are the positive influences that this puja brings in life –

  • Grants immense wealth and luxury in life 
  • It lets you attain prosperity and financial stability
  • Lets men attract women and vice-versa
  • Ensures career progress and development

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