Surya Graha Shanti Puja

Surya or The Sun is considered to be the chief celestial body and is the ultimate source of power in the universe. The impact of Sun or Surya in human life is immense and thus it becomes imperative to have a favorable position of the same in our lives in order to assure the best prospects in all life aspects.   

The Sun is the ruler of the universe or Nakshatras that surround us. By having a stability of the Sun in our birth chart, we can be assured of a complete protection from the negative influences and complete peace of mind.

The Ratan or Gemstone advised for Surya Shanti – MANAK / RUBY 

Benefits of Surya Shanti Puja:   

Whenever certain anomalies lead to an unfavorable position of Sun in our birth chart, it becomes a major cause of disruption in our lives and the effects of the Dasha last for 6 years. In order to eradicate the negative effects of a defected Surya, it is a must to avail the Surya Graha Shanti Puja service being performed by the expert pundits of Astropatrika. This remedial Puja grants the following benefits –

  • As the Puja involved enchantment of Surya Bijh Mantra or Surya Ved Mantra, it leads to an effective resolution of the inflicted troubles from life aspects and brings ultimate delights.
  • Surya Graha Shanti Puja serves you all the pleasures of a peaceful mind and a healthy heart.
  • By alleviating the negative influences of a malefic Sun, one can bring prosperity in all life aspects and also better the prospects of success and joy.
  • The Puja results in ultimate career success and attainment of an appreciable personality.

The Surya Shanti Puja booking on Astropatrika costs a mere INR 7000/- and with such delightful benefits is an opportunity to be safeguarded from the negativities of the most influential celestial body.

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