Vidhwa Yog

Death of a husband is the most unfortunate calamity that any woman can face. It is the most painful incident in a woman’s life and destroys her completely to be termed as a widow or “Vidhwa” forever. It is a curse that she has to live with and she thus becomes a social misfit with everyone ignoring and taunting her.

presence of Saptam House’s sinful moon or when Shani, the planet Saturn occurs in the state for 3rd, 7th and 10th houses, then Vidhwa Yog arises. When the 7th house co-relates and ties with Shani Mangal, then it could give rise to Vidhwa Yog as well.  

If Saptamesh and Ashtmash are changed in the spirit and seen from the sinful planets, the woman is destined to be widowed in life.  

Any weakness evident in the Saptamesh formed by Saturn is the root cause of this trouble. The short lifespan of the husband influenced by Vaidya Yog leads to endless troubles in the life of a married woman and alienates her from even the slightest of joy and peace in life.


  • If the Vaidya Yog is predominant in the horoscope, then the immediate resolution is required to prevent any complications that could arise due to the malefic influences of Shani or Saturn planet.
  • For gaining Vaidic peace of the concerned planet, performing Shani Mangal Shanti Puja is essential. Also, Magal Gauri Puja is known to alleviate the evil influences of this harmful you.
  • Kundli matching and horoscope analysis of both partners must be precisely undertaken to prevent an occurrence of Vidhwa Yog or Vaidya Yog.

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