Vish Yogis also have known as Venom Yog or Toxic Yog. Venom Yog or Vish Yog is formed when the sight of Saturn is made in the Moon or that of the moon on the Saturn. This Drishti of Saturn or Moon on each other leads to various inauspicious events in life and deprives the affected person of all joys and happiness in life.  

The black shadow of the Saturn on the Moon or vice-versa leads to intolerable problems in life and inauspicious events in myriad aspects. Vish Yog is a very painful astrology defect and brings evil influences in life. Such an affected person has to face weakness and lack of motivation in life.    

Following are the evil influences of Vish Yog:  

  • The people affected by the negativities of Vish Yog remain in utter despair and are unable to find even the slightest of joy or happiness.  
  • Those being engulfed by the venom face death, fear, failure, diseases, misery, poverty and debt. 
  • Venom or Vish Yog is extremely detrimental for relationship prospects and brings destruction and separation to love or marriage bonds. Even the family relationships with family and friends are not spared by the Vish.  

How to avoid Vish Yog?    

  • Worshiping Lord Hanuman effectively resolves the troubles caused by Vish Yog and leads to all sorts of joys and pleasures.  
  • Reciting Mahamrityunjaya Mantra on Mondays and worshiping Lord Shiva helps eradicate the sufferings from life. 
  • Offering donations in Hanuman or Shani temples will bring about a positive impact and help those affected.  
  • Breaking coconuts under a Peepal tree on Saturdays is a spir5itual means to achieve relief from the venomous influences in life and serve an ideal remedy for this astrology defect. 

The Vish Yog Puja is being offered to help all the people facing troubles due to venom or evil intentions a complete and effective remedy and an assurance of intense pleasure in all life aspects.

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